About RanchGrownLogic

Welcome to THE RANCH

I have long noted that my marketing style as Ranch Grown Logic. The term is however hard to explain until you come face to face with the common sense of it all. Ranch Grown Logic is just that, the logic that I grew up with living on a ranch in western Montana. It is not rocket science, but a common sense approach to life, business, marketing and branding, that is best explained by saddling up.

Come along on the trail of stories that journey into the heart of the ride; marketing, branding, motivation and inspiration as told through stories built on fundamental principles, trends, and on experience found on the trail.

I enjoy ridin’ for the brand, telling stories, and making a difference. Ropin’ and rooted in the spirit of the West, Ranch Grown Logic is a value based-common sense approach to marketing utilizing authentic, motivational, passionate, branding insights. I have been told that I am a little ranchy. I hope so.

Ranch Grown Logic will build and tell stories targeting WIIFY’s “what’s in it for you.” DoWIT ‘bits’ will be found at the end of the story summarizing application for real world, relatable, and transferable messages inspired  by WIT, Whatever It Takes.

Stories will be used to build a foundation and a network of core customers and like minded enthusiasts of the West. The Ranch, through Ranch Grown Logic will engage saddle partners through purposeful stories and principles that anyone can use to achieve their goals, vision, dreams or cause.

About Me

I am thankful to have grown up on a ranch and to have been surrounded by value attributes which laid the foundation principles for my life and for Ranch Grown Logic.  I often joke and tell people when they ask where I grew up, that I am a real live Avon lady, growing up in the small ranching community in Western Montana. I grew up with seven brothers and sisters who shared chores, love and laughter, hardships and pain. We learned to count on each other and to navigate through the storms with resiliency and encouragement.

With Ranch Grown Logic I have created and directed innovative brands, products, projects, and teams influencing consumers and western industry trends. My experiences from ranch life, corporate America as the Director of Marketing for Montana Silversmiths, and building my own small business Gator Ropes, has lead to creative and innovative approaches to marketing and branding inspired by western lifestyle.

I am a pragmatic cowgirl with an optimistic heart. Thank you for joining me on the ride.

Judy Wagner

“The code of her west: use a short rope, a sweet smile, and a hot brand.” Gladiola Montana

6 responses to “About RanchGrownLogic

  1. So excited to be a part of your journey Judy! Love ya

  2. Sounds interesting Judy! We might be able to team up on a thing or two. I have the 2lazy4U Livestock & Literary Company which is (sort of) self descriptive. I self publish cowboy related books (2 humor, 1 horsemanship book where the horses tell the stories, a cookbook and a record keeping book.) I also day work ranches, start colts while working towards giving low stress cattle handling clinics specifically designed for people who work cattle horseback. (You can tell by now that 2lazy4U is an inside joke, and also my horse brand)

    If this is not enough, I also produce the Texas Crossroads Cowboy Gathering. As the whole concept gets a bit lengthy, I’ll just send you to the website http://www.txcg.org

    My books and low stress cattle handling are at http://www.2lazy4u.us

    Like I say, somewhere her we should be able to create a little synergy!
    Thanks Judy!
    Bob Kinford
    2lazy4U Livestock & Literary Co.

  3. Annalea Redding

    This is awesome Judy. Congratulations!

  4. cid cash

    just what I needed to read, hear…God has a plan, thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. What a wonderful little spot you have here… looking forward to keeping up with you!

  6. Just found your blog…very interesting. Looking forward to your posts!

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