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BIG TIME Moments iiiiii is ok I

Two days ago I came face to face with life, through death.

We lost a family pet, Lena. She was my son and daughter in-laws dog. She was a friend, family member, and companion. Christmas eve she sat beneath the Christmas stockings, and I was told from a reliable source, that she interfered with deliveries Santa would make. Two days later she gets sick, and two days after that she lost her life.

As we start the New Year and we look to the future we must not lose sight of today.  Each moment is precious. Each day is a gift, not to be wasted on a past that cannot be changed, or the future which is yet to be. Today is precious.

We do not know what the future holds, but what we can do is  make the most of today. Make each day count by making the most of the gift each day brings, we have no guarantees of tomorrow.

Often we can get busy with life and get on the fast track moving from day to day turning days into run away trains, losing focus on the “now” as we rush forward to tomorrow.  When we take each day as it is, a gift to treasure, we can slow down the pace.

Two years ago my sister fought a tough fight against ovarian cancer for six months, with the last three weeks of her life spent in a hospital bed.  She was brave, strong and an inspiration to all. Each day I came to visit here I would say, “how you doing today?”   The day before she died she answered me with, “It’s not the days, it’s the moments.”

I still find myself, every now and then, falling into the hurry of everyday life.  Lena’s death reminded me of my sister’s courageous words and about the importance

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[/caption]of ‘the moments.’ We need to take care of our today’s  and the treasures found in those moments.


Treasure the Moments

Big Time

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Opportunity Horizon

Lead the way, enjoy the view

Miles and miles of beauty unfolded before us as we crested the hill, the view presented a fresh look at the world and gave me an immense appreciation of the majesty of it all.

I found myself thinking about nothing in particular and about everything under the sky, all at the same time. I breathed in a breath of gratitude just to have this opportunity to take this ride, and began enjoying the view from my saddle. It was breathtaking; we were trailing cattle back to the ranch from their summer pasture. The hard work was done as we had made the push up the mountain successfully, and with the trail stretching out below I began to relax and enjoy the ride.

Quite by accident I glanced at the ground and spotted a funny looking rock. It is true, I am amused by many things and this rock reminded me of a  turtle, which are a source of fascination not only for me but also for my dog.  While headed to the barn last summer I saw a rock get up and take a step. Ok maybe not exactly but it looked that way. Both of us unsure of what we just saw , we stood there,  frozen in time watching to see if ‘the rock’ would move again, our heads both cocked as we waited in anticipation taking a fresh look at this curious object.

It can’t always be easy for the turtle to venture out and push forward, just as it is never easy for people or business to take the steps necessary to break new trail.  But somebody has to lead; they always do, is that why cream always rises to the top?

If you treat each day like a milk run, routine in nature, you can find yourself at a stand still lacking creativity, energy, and the drive it takes to lead. It is safe to tread water and go with the flow, but true joy and gratification come from not just surviving but thriving.

Last year’s arena record is this year’s rookie’s template; the bar is continually being raised. Take the opening provided, like the coach who tells his team, “you can’t make baskets if you never shoot the ball.”

The opportunity on the horizon is- the best of you.  Keep taking steps, keep moving forward, take a fresh look at your surroundings, break trail just as the lead cows were doing this day and the turtle did as he made his way that sunny summer morning. Establish yourself as an expert in a distinct area. Focus on your strengths and do what it takes to keep yourself motivated and fresh, develop your talents, have faith in your ability to adapt and react. Be exceptional.


Lead the way, enjoy the view.

Keep Moving-take a fresh look, inspiration can come from anywhere

Keep Focused-Utilize you strengths and develop your talents

Be Exceptional- do what you do best!


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